Zong in just 4G network in Pakistan.

distinction somewhere in the range of 4g and 3g innovation for portable phonesThough we utilize these terms in every day life however with regards to purchasing a 3G or 4G telephone we get confounded as a general rule.

‘G’ represents age of versatile innovation. First there was 1G for simple telephones, at that point came 2G for computerized telephones and now we have 3G and 4G to our administration. The two last innovations are most secretive ones.

Understanding the distinction somewhere in the range of 3G and 4G is the most ideal approach to choose which one is more reasonable for you. Here are some vital contrasts between the two,


Before the approach of 4G, 3G was considered to have given the best speed in light of the fact that there was no other option, yet 4G transmission speed is without a doubt multiple times quicker since 4G Technology doesn’t rely upon how the organization has been actualized. 3G speed is astounding in GSM, however 4G offers multiple times quicker speed on CDMA network, that is the reason it is getting notoriety in India.

Move Rate

4G is additionally famous on account of its exchange rate. It is multiple times quicker than 3G innovation that changes from 3G to 4G. You can move your information in a matter of moments if your signs are solid. Be that as it may, this quick exchange rate is unimaginable on your 3G innovation. For instance, your PC organization and third era PC has the capacity of moving up to 2 megabits/second, which can’t be progressed or expanded. 4G Technology with its serious qualities has the capacity of moving around 100 megabits/second. The pace of move information is the most explicit contrast somewhere in the range of 3G and 4G innovation.


To the extent the organization of the PDA is concerned, phone clients can appreciate information administrations and discourse simultaneously. Clients can spare their time while utilizing interactive media and weighty games which sets aside longer effort to download. 4G gives better web network and quicker speed, which isn’t accessible in 3G. However, phone clients in India may need to trust that a couple of months will feel the beat of 4G innovation.

Battery life

3G and 4G advances vary as far as battery they devour. This is a reality that when you download anything on your telephone with 4G innovation, it takes less time in contrast with 3G innovation, yet 4G utilizes the vast majority of the battery power. So ensure your battery is charged totally prior to downloading any information.

Exchanging Technology

You will see that 3G innovation is furnished with circuit exchanging network hubs and bundle exchanging, yet it doesn’t mean it is better than 4G on the grounds that as it has just parcel exchanging framework. To the extent the 3G and 4G transfer speed is concerned, it is same in both the innovations. Clients will have more preferences utilizing 4G on the grounds that next time you get any call from anybody, you can discover its IP address which is beyond the realm of imagination in 3G network.

Transmission capacity

On the off chance that you invest a large portion of your energy¬†Zong 4g packages going in vehicles, railroads or any open vehicle, 4G will give you extra advantages of correspondence; since its information rate is 1 gigabit for strolling and fixed clients and 100 megabits for crisscross driving. 4G execution is much better than 3G Network anyplace as the quality and execution is determined by the ITU (International Telecommunication Union). In this way, next time you go anyplace in your vehicle, you shouldn’t get stressed over any information move or feeble signals regardless of what phone you are utilizing.


What I love about 4G Technology making it more solid and ward is its remarkable component of availability which isn’t affected by any terrible climate condition. Presently, you can totally make the most of your correspondence opportunity in any event, when you are overwhelmed with brutal environment around.

Progressed Security

Clients ought not fail to remember that a wide range of broadband innovation, a feeling that all is well with the world shortcoming is related which isn’t ensured by the specialist co-op. Web is such a spot where most recent and cutting edge innovation is tried which makes the clients powerless against privateers. 4G offers extra front of security and privacy. This is one major contrast somewhere in the range of 3G and 4G innovation for cell phones.

4G accessibility in Pakistan

Cell phone clients in India will approach 4G innovation in next couple of months as the Government of India is holding discusses sell off cycle to convey 4G range that is held by the Defense Ministry. Yet, it will even now require some investment for 4G to arrive at all over India in light of the fact that 3G is yet to arrive at a few Indian urban communities. 4G organization will ease correspondence framework in rustic zones where organization is in every case moderate and feeble. Furthermore, it will likewise give better and quicker internet providers to cell phones.

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